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Scarcliffe Primary School

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Class 1

Our class is Reception and Year 1 pupils with Miss Baldwin as Class Teacher and Miss Horsley as Teaching Assistant.

Spring 1

Our topic this term is 'Helping Hands'! We will be:

  • finding out about people who help us; at home, in school and in the local and wider community.
  • reading and writing information texts about people who help us and instructions to keep ourselves and others safe.
  • learning about healthy living and keeping ourselves clean and healthy.
  • investigating various artist's work to inform us when creating our own self portraits, including the work of Frida Kahlo, Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh and Andy Warhol.
  • researching information about Florence Nightingale, linked to our people who help us topic.

Autumn 2

This term we are learning all about 'The Weather!' We will be:

  • finding out all about different weathers.
  • creating weather forecasts in our role play area and recording them to watch back.
  • completing the 'Umbrella Challenge' - can you keep the teddy bear dry?
  • designing and making our own shelters to protect us from extreme weathers.
  • investigating different weathers and seasonal changes in science.
  • practising recording the daily weather.

Autumn 1

Welcome all new starters to our class and school and welcome back Year 1s to class 1.

Our new topic for this term is 'The Great Fire of London'. We will be:

  • finding out information about the Great Fire of London.
  • investigating materials and textures.
  • exploring and experimenting with colours, mixing colours and making fire artwork.
  • role playing in our fire station in class.
  • exploring sounds and listening carefully in music.
  • learning our school and class rules.

Summer 2

This term our topic is 'Let's go on holiday!'

We will be:
•discussing holidays we have been on.
•plotting places we have been onto a world map.
•bringing in postcards from places where we have been on holiday.
•finding out about family members holidays from the past.
•comparing holidays now and in the past.
•role playing in the Travel Agents in class.
•making moving pictures linked to the seaside, using levers and flaps.

Please remember class 1 parents/carers are welcome to attend our 'Seaside Stay and Play' morning on Friday 16th June from the beginning of the school day until 10am. There will be the opportunity for a short parent meeting in the hall beforehand to discuss communication and talking ideas and tips to promoting speaking and listening skills in school and at home. Come and help kick start our new topic this term learning all about holidays and the seaside!

Summer 1

This term we are learning all about SUPERHEROES!

We will be:

  • learning about famous superheroes.
  • exploring what it takes to be a hero.
  • investigating real life heroes in the local community.
  • finding out about heroes in history.
  • thinking about what super powers we would like and why linked to helping others.
  • role playing in the Superhero Rescue Centre in class.
  • learning simple sewing skills and techniques to make our own superhero hand puppet.

Please remember class 1 parents/carers are welcome to attend our 'Superhero Stay and Play' morning on Friday 28th April from the beginning of the school day until 10am. Come and help kick start our new topic this term learning all about SUPERHEROES!

Spring 2

We hope you have had a fabulous half term break.

Our new topic for this term is 'Let's go into Space!'

We will be:

  • reading and role playing space stories such as 'Whatever Next!', 'The Way Back Home', 'Toys in Space' etc.
  • setting up a space station.
  • designing and making our own space role play props.
  • designing and making planets in small groups and pairs.
  • creating space artwork, contrasting light and dark.
  • finding out information about space exploration, including animals in space!

We are also be learning all about animals and habitats in science, with a visit from Zoo Lab and having live caterpillars in class 1!

Spring 1

Our new topic after the Christmas holidays is 'Watch Out! Dinosaurs About!'...

We will be:

  • reading and writing information books about dinosaurs.
  • reading story books about dinosaur characters and making up our own dinosaur stories.
  • taking part in a 'dinosaur workshop' with dinosaur eggs!
  • taking part in role play in the 'dinosaur den'.
  • digging for 'dinosaur' bones!
  • working with clay and making fossils.

Autumn 2

This term we are learning all about 'Pirates and Princesses'!

We will be:

  • reading texts about pirates like 'The Night Pirates', 'Pirate Pete' and 'Pirates Love Underpants'.
  • going to Mansfield Palace Theatre to see the pantomime 'Peter Pan'.
  • exploring traditional tales linked to princes and princesses like Cinderella.
  • learning about the history of pirates and famous pirates as well as work on castles.
  • looking at treasure maps and directions.
  • exploring materials and floating and sinking.
  • designing and making our own boats and testing whether they float.

Autumn 1

Welcome all new starters to our class and school and welcome back Year 1s to class 1.

Our new topic for this term is 'Transport'. We will be:

  • learning all about 'things that go'; vehicles on land, in the sky and in water.
  • writing labels, captions and sentences about transport as well as making information books.
  • learning about road safety.
  • creating tally charts and pictograms about transport and how we travel to school.
  • reading maps and creating our own simple maps.
  • finding out about everyday materials.
  • creating artwork linked to our transport topic.

Summer 2

 This term we are learning all about the 'Olympics and Brazil'.

  • We are particularly interested in animals so we have a 'rainforest' in class 1 like the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. We have been learning about rainforest animals as well as describing and grouping animals in our science work.
  • We have been reading texts with rhyming words in about animals, such as 'Walking Through the Jungle', 'Rumble in the Jungle' and 'Monkey Puzzle'. We have also been exploring using rhyming words to write our own poems and rhyming sentences.
  • Next, we are researching rainforest animals and writing our own information texts about them.
  • We are learning about what the Olympics are and where they will take place year.
  • In dance and PE we are experimenting with different moves to create our own sequences to Brazilian music in the style of some Brazilian dances.

Summer 1

Welcome back after your Easter break!!

This term our topic is 'Toys' and comparing old and new toys.

You will be:
•Reading texts with the theme of toys such as non-fiction information books and fiction books such as 'Toy Story', 'Dogger', 'We're going on a bear hunt!' and teddy bear stories.
•Writing our own 'toy' stories like the ones we have been reading as well as writing our own toy information books.
•Comparing toys from the past and present, including finding out what your family used to play with.
•Growing our own plants and naming and identifying plants in the school garden.
•Designing and building our own model vehicle, for our Scarcliffe Mini Soapbox Derby.

Seaside Stay and Play Morning

Another big thank you is in order to all parents and grandparents who attended our stay and play morning on Friday 16th June. There was lots of parent-child interaction, with both the children and adults taking part in activities linked to our Seaside topic.

Tesco Farm to Fork

Class 1 children had a fantastic morning at Tesco, learning all about where our food comes from. They tried a variety of fruits and vegetables and cheeses, went behind the scenes to see how bread is made in the bakery, went to the fishmonger and even went into the freezer!

Superhero Stay and Play Morning

A big thank you to all parents and grandparents who came to our Superhero Stay and Play Morning on the first Friday of this term. Both the adults and children had lots of fun playing together in class choosing activities linked to our new topic!

Caterpillars to Butterflies!

In Class 1 this term we have been learning about animals and life cycles. We have watched the life cycle of caterpillars changing into butterflies. A pupil in Class 1 and their parents kindly looked after the caterpillars over Easter and photographed their transformation into beautiful butterflies. Take a look at the pictures here!

Baby Dinosaurs Workshop

To end our topic all about dinosaurs, two dinosaur experts visited our school with a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex and a baby Triceratops. The children had a fantastic afternoon asking the experts lots of questions. They got to carefully stroke the baby dinosaurs too! 

Dinosaurs in Scarcliffe Primary School

This week we have been reading the story 'Dinosaurs in my School'. After a dinosaur appeared in class 1 on Monday, we went in search of any more on Tuesday. We found that lots of different dinosaurs had made a mess and caused havoc around the school, in the hall, in the garden, on the playground and on the nomo outside. On Wednesday we went to tell Mrs Longmate, our head teacher, about the dinosaurs in school and show her photos of the mess they had made. When we went to her office we found that she had turned into a dinosaur! All morning the children thought of spells, wrote letters and made posters to help her to turn back to normal. Luckily by lunchtime Mrs Longmate was no longer a dinosaur. All of the children have been really eager to write stories linked to our dinosaur adventures this week.

Dinosaur in Class 1!

Today in class 1 a dinosaur appeared... Children wrote and drew sketches of the dinosaur in our class. They thought it might have come from a Museum or from under our school! The children have started to write some lovely stories about the dinosaur in our school.

A year 2 pupil from class 2 came into our class this afternoon in the role of a dinosaur expert. The children had lots of questions for him to answer and really enjoyed listening to him explain about why he wants to be a paleontologist when he is older!

Dinosaur Dig!

This week to start off our new topic all about dinosaurs we received a envelope addressed to class one from an archaeologist from the Natural History Museum. It contained a letter and a bone found in our school garden. We were asked to help find other evidence in the school garden of dinosaurs living millions of years ago. We used trowels and brushes to carefully look for evidence. We found bones and fossils! We have been finding, looking carefully and cleaning up the evidence in our trays during continuous provision.

Balance Bikes

In the Spring term all of the reception children had a fantastic time developing their balance bike skills!

Autumn Exploring and Artwork

On Monday 31st October, after half term, the children had collected Autumn nature items which they explored the textures and colours of. They then created some beautiful nature artwork using the Autumn nature items based on artist'work.

The day PC Kat came to visit

On Tuesday 18th October PC Kat came to visit class 1 and did a workshop with the children about traffic and road safety linked to their transport topic. They discussed being safe around roads and wearing bright colours to be seen and to be safe. The children then got to explore a police car and the objects in the car linked to road safety. They really enjoyed their morning of learning and learnt lots of new information and tried lots new experiences.

Class 1's Completed Soapboxes

Trip to Sudbury Hall Museum of Childhood

On Thursday 12th May class 1 and 2 children went on a trip to Sudbury Hall Museum of Childhood. We learnt lots about old toys and teddy bears. We also played with old toys, looked around the museum, had a teddy bear workshop and even climbed a chimney! We had a lovely day!

Class One's Teddy Bears Picnic

This week class 1 have been reading stories about teddy bears and we have compared old and new teddy bears. The children have wrote about their favourite teddy and they have written invitations for them to come to our picnic on Friday. The children took the invitations they had written for their teddies home on Thursday and then brought in their teddies on Friday. We wrote name tags for our bears so that they wouldn't get lost. All of the teddy bears and children had a lovely time at the picnic.

Dogger is Lost!

In class 1 we have been reading the story 'Dogger'. At the beginning of the week we lost our class dog called 'Dogger' so we wrote lost posters and put them around the school to try and find him. The next morning when the children came into class he had left footprints so we wrote letters to him to ask him to come back to class. Finally he came back to class one because one of the children suggested that we put dog food down to tempt him back to class!

Class 1 are going on a bear hunt!

We have read the story 'We're going on a bear hunt!' and even been on our own bear hunt around the school grounds. The children have enjoyed making up their own stories and songs using the language from the story.

Soapbox Derby Workshop

Three Soapbox Derby experts from Scarcliffe village came to school to show us their vehicles and share their knowledge with the children. This has helped us with our own vehicle designs in class for our Scarcliffe Mini Soapbox Derby.

Class 1 Rowing to Rio!

Class 1 had a lovely afternoon in the hall helping with our school's effort of 'Rowing to Rio'. Class 4 children helped us to practice our rowing skills and record our distances.

School Chickens in the Garden

Our little chicks are now about 7 weeks old and have been spending more time in their run in the school garden. Lola, Pip and Dee have been having a great time exploring their new and bigger environment. We keep going to check on them to make sure they are happy and have what they need.

Nature Artwork for the Art Exhibition

For Scarcliffe Primary School's Art Exhibition, Class 1 produced nature collages in the style of Andy Goldsworthy's artwork.

Constructing our own vehicles

On Friday afternoon with Mrs Wigley and Miss Horsley, the children have been investigating using construction kits to make their own moving vehicles. They even tested their vehicles on a ramp!

Testing our model vehicles!

Whilst testing our model vehicles we used a ramp outside to see how far and how fast they could travel. This is one child's 'car with wings' being tested!