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Class 3

Class 3's teacher is Mr Horton with Miss Mathison as teaching assistant. Our class motto is to "Work hard and be nice to people".

Useful Websites: - For practicing your number bonds and times tables. - For your learning of phonics and spelling. - For your homework and other learning opportunities. - For any homework/ spellings quizzes. Just use the code provided by Mr Horton. - For your times tables! See if you can improve your rock speed and beat Mr Horton!

Spring 1 - 2018 

This term's topic is "Anglo-Saxons and Scots". We will be learning:

  • Who the Anglo saxons were, where they came from and why they came to the UK
  • The impact the Anglo-Saxons had on the UK
  • Anglo-Saxon lifestyle, culture and settlements 
  • Writing newspaper reports about the Viking invaders, King Alfred and Harold during the battle of Hastings
  • Creating and designing Anglo-Saxon brooches and our own Bayeaux Tapestry 
  • Learning about the tales and legend she of King Arthur and Beowulf

Autumn 2 - 2017

This term's topic is "Awesome Ancient Egyptians". We will be learning:

  • The achievements of the Ancient Egyptian Civilisation 
  • Mummification, Egyptian gods, hieroglyphics, building of the pyramids and famous Pharaohs. 
  • What plants need to grow healthily. The parts of a plant and how they are essential for reproduction. 
  • Designing an Egyptian burial mask
  • We will also be reading "The Egyptian Cinderella" and writing our own Egyptian tales 
  • Writing newspaper reports about the curse of Tutankhamen's tomb

Autumn 1  - 2017

This term's topic is "Stone Age to the Iron Age". We will be learning:

  • The changes in Britain during the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age
  • Cave paintings and Stone Age Art
  • Magnets and Forces
  • We will also be reading "Stig of the dump", "Stone Age Boy" and writing our own time slip stories
  • We will also be reading "How to wash a woolly mammoth" and writing our own instructional texts

Summer 2 - 2017

This term's topic is "Mountains and Volcanoes". We will be learning:

  • The structure of landforms such as mountains and volcanoes 
  • Famous mountains and volcanoes volcanoes and where they are found
  • Properties of matter 
  • Rocks
  • We will also be reading The Firework Maker's daughter 


Summer 1 - 2017

This term's topic is "Children at War". We will be learning:

  • What life was like for children during WW2
  • The impact of the war in Britain 
  • Famous children in the war, such as Anne Frank
  • Designing and creating an Anderson shelter
  • Wartime motivational posters 

Spring 2 - 2017

This term's topic is "The Rainforest". We will be learning:

  • To locate and understand where rainforests are found in the world 
  • Life in the rainforest 
  • Research plants and animals found in the rainforest 
  • Discussing the impact of deforestation
  • Congolese food and culture 
  • Artwork in the style of Henri Rousseau 
  • We will also be reading Running Wild, by Michael Morpurgo

Spring 1 - 2017

This term's topic is "Rotten Romans". We will be learning:

  • The expansion and impact of the Roman empire
  • Boudicca
  • Roman gods
  • Roman myths
  • Mosaics
  • The human body 

Autumn 2 - 2016

This term's topic is "The show must go on". We will be learning: 

  • The history of theatre
  • Sound and light
  • Designing and making props
  • Writing play scripts  
  • Dance through the ages

Autumn 1 - 2016

 This term's topic is "Sweets and Treats". We will be learning: 

  • How to have a healthy balanced diet 
  • Sugar and its effect on the body and teeth 
  • Fairtrade 
  • French - food and drink 
  • The history of and production of chocolate 
  • Advertising/ jingles
  • Designing our own sweet/treat product 
  • Persuasive writing 
  • We will also be reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

Tag Rugby Megafest 

Class 3 Scientists

Class 3 have been learning a lot about forces! Here they are using their scientific skills to answer their questions about magnets.

World War II Kenning poems 

Class 3 have been showing their poetry and computing skills during their topic, by creating Kenning poems and presenting them on iPads. Very impressive results! 

Converting media.
(Media will continue converting in the background)

Food and culture week

Week beginning 20th March was food and culture week. Because of their focus on the rainforest, Class 3 learnt about Congo and Congolese culture. Congo is home to the second largest rainforest in the world. Class 3 tasted and cooked a variety of Congolese/African foods including plantain, fufu and peanut soup.

Nzango means 'foot game' in English and originates from Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The game is very popular in Congolese culture and now with children of Scarcliffe! 

'Real' Zoolab arrive

On Thursday 16th March, the real Zoolab visited Scarcliffe, along with a number of friends who met the children... 

Zoo lab animal escapes

On Thursday 2nd March, a mysterious delivery from Zoolab arrived at Scarcliffe School. The children returned to their classroom from assembly to find that an animal had escaped and destroyed the area! Luckily,  this was all a huge setup from the crafty teachers to inspire the children's

Class 3 present their Roman Assembly 

On Friday 10th February, Class 3 invited parents to attend their Roman assembly where they presented some of their learning from Spring term 1.  

Class 3 Personal Trainers

Gallus the gladiator was fighting in the colosseum and knew nothing about his body and how it could help . Class 3 came to the rescue and created some fantastic videos to give Gallus some advice! 

Class 3 have a 'Choc full of fun' at Cadbury World 

Class 3 Shine at Tag Rugby Festival

Class 3 Nutritionists!

Class 3 celebrate Roald Dahl 100!

September 13th 2016 saw the biggest ever global celebration of Roald Dahl's 100th birthday. Class 3 celebrated by drawing some of Roald Dahl's characters LIVE with illustrator Quentin Blake.