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Scarcliffe Primary School

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Current Governor Priorities:

As governors we work hard to monitor the impact of the School Improvement Plan.

This year we have ensured that leaders have a thorough plan in place to ensure that children make the best possible progress - particularly in maths.  We have improved provision in Maths by approving spending on: systematic intervention programmes across the school, hands-on resources and a new tracking system so staff can monitor progress of pupils accurately.  Already this spending has had a positive impact on pupil outcomes.  This year we have also increased the amount of time we spend in school and meeting children face-to-face.  

Other priorities include supporting Mr Marsh as our new headteacher, strengthening our governing body and helping to ensure that all pupils feel safe and are emotionally supported in school. 


Records of Our Visits:

 We value the time we spend in school and like to present what we have done to parents via our school newsletter.  On top of our scheduled full governor meetings and committee meeting, we have monitoring mornings so we can see first-hand what is happening in school.  Below is an overview of our most recent monitoring visits.


20th March 2018 - Governor Monitoring Morning

Governors visited school and spent time evaluating the impact of the school improvement plan.  They challenged school leaders and noted that many actions have resulted in improved outcomes for pupils.  The governors explore their own action plan for the year and reviewed their progress.  The governor section of the school website was also updated, including the ‘Welcome from the Chair’.  An additional section has been added to the website to show current priorities for the governing body.  


7th November 2017 - Governor Monitoring Morning

On Tuesday 7th November, members of the governing body came in to school to monitor our progress against our school improvement priorities.  The spoke to children about safety.  All pupils said they felt safe in school and told the governors they had assemblies about safety and did lessons about keeping safe on the Internet.  They said they would talk to staff if they ever felt unsafe.  The governors also spoke to children about maths and were delighted to hear about how so many children’s maths skills were improving.  They loved the Rock Star Maths website that Class 3 are using.  During the morning they also spoke to our Special Needs Co-ordinator (Mrs Baldwin) and our PE Co-ordinator (Mr Horton) about the work they were doing in school. 


3rd October 2017 - Maths Monitoring Morning

Recently governors visited school to spend the morning looking at maths.  Maths is a priority for school improvement this year and so it was important to find out what is happening day to day.  We saw lessons, looked in books and spoke to pupils.  We noticed in lessons that the new resources that have been purchased were being used to good effect and that children were well focused on learning.  All children were working on learning key number skills.  The books showed good progress and an increase in the amount and variety of work that children were expected to do.  During pupil interviews we found out that children are positive about maths and that they were keen to take on difficult challenges.