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Scarcliffe Primary School

Strive to Shine

At Scarcliffe Primary School we really value our pupil's views.  One way in which we gather their views and ideas is by having a school council.  Each class have at least one representative who has been chosen through a democratic voting system.  We meet regularly and have a range of projects we are working on.

Meet our school council:

End of year treats:

Children in school are currently working really hard to gain as many team points as they can.  Every time a pupil gains 25 team points they get a badge.  This year, the number of badges children get will link to some end of year rewards.  

It is up to the school council to decide what the rewards will be.  We will be discussing this at the next meeting.

School Council Ideas Form

Our current projects:

At the moment we are working on a few projects:

  • We aim to boost attendance in school by changing the way we celebrate the winning class each week.  We always had a trophy for the winning team, however the school council have been to Build a Bear to get a teddy that will be given to the best class each week.  We decided to call our bear Cliff the Attendance Bear.  Take a look at our slideshow below to see the day that Cliff was born!
  • Another task we have been given is to come up with end of half term treats for the winning team each half term.  We collect team points and the team with the highest number of points will get the prize at the end of the term.  The treats are listed on the right of the page.  

       AUTUMN 1 - School Cinema 

       AUTUMN 2 - Disco

       SPRING 1 - Gymnastics on large                                      apparatus 

       SPRING 2 - Party Games

       SUMMER 1 - Art afternoon

       SUMMER 2 - Teddy Bear Picnic

Outdoor Space:

Another thing we are trying to improve as a school is our outdoor space.  We have learnt that the school is in a conservation area and are waiting to meet someone from Derbyshire County Council to discuss some plans we have for the outdoor area.  

Below are some images that we have in mind, although we can't make any promises to you at the moment!  The top one shows a new design for class one's outdoor area and the second area is a multi-use games area we are hoping to have on the field.