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Corona Virus

Currently, it is almost business as usual for school - with the addition of a few new rules and routines!  We are working hard to keep our school community as safe as possible while maximising learning for all children.  Details of how we are keeping people safe are highlighted in the letter below (Reopening in September - Information to Parents).  


Home Learning Plan

It seems clear that the government is very keen to avoid another lockdown that would see the closure of schools.  We have also been fortunate enough so far to avoid having to send any classes home to isolate this year.  That said, we have been busy making plans to ensure that learning can carry on in the event that your child is not able to come to school.  This newsletter aims to outline the details of the plan.  There is a letter below to outline our expectations around home learning. 


Always Activities

Each class uses a range of websites to support learning both in and out of school.  These activities are always available and include:

Children Awaiting Test Results

A number of children have missed some time from school this term due to having symptoms of Corona Virus.  In these instances, children have been at home for 2-4 days while tests were processed. 

Our offer:

For these short periods of absence we have:

  • prepared work packs for children to complete at home.
  • the range of ‘always activities’ for the children to complete.

Once a negative result is received, children return to school when they are well enough.


Positive Result

If a child (or a member of their household) gets a positive result, the household will have to isolate in line with government guidance.  This will mean that pupils will have a longer period of absence.  It is important in this instance that your child is able to access learning they are missing in school. 

Our offer:

For these longer periods of absence we have:

  • arranged for teaching assistants in each class to mirror the work that is taking place in class via Seesaw.
  • a range of ‘always activities’ for the children to complete.
  • provision in place for regular feedback on the work your child completes. This will be done by phone if needed, but will usually be done via Seesaw.  

A Whole Bubble is at Home

If a whole bubble is sent home, we will immediately revert to our remote learning plan – similar to that used during the full lockdown. 

Our offer:

If a whole bubble has to work from home, the class teacher will take responsibility for online learning from the first day of closure.  In this event:

  • Each day will start with a short Class Dojo video to celebrate some of the successes from the previous day and explain the tasks for that day.
  • Teachers will provide a maths, literacy and topic activity each day. These will usually be set on Seesaw and work should be posted on there so children can get feedback.  These lessons will be supported by voice-overs or explanatory videos by the teachers.
  • Be aware that posts children share on Seesaw are set as private to the class teacher. They will only be shared with the class if the children wish.  Questions they ask are only viewed by the teacher – so do ask for help!
  • Teachers will share whole class stories via Seesaw videos.
  • Teachers are available via telephone, Class Dojo and Seesaw if they are needed.
  • Children can access the ‘always activities’.  

No Live Lessons

We understand how difficult it is to juggle home learning and working from home or managing home learning for multiple children.  We feel that parents / carers might find it difficult to work to our specific timeframes throughout a day if lessons were at set times.  Our approach offers more flexibility. 

There is also an expectation that an adult is always in the room during a live stream.  Again, we worry about the practicalities of this. 

Furthermore, teaching involves encouragement, behaviour management, highlighting pupils who have done well, making jokes, going off-task, pupils commenting on their home life, safeguarding issues, bees flying through the window, snow falling, children being ill and many other things! We genuinely believe that our teachers do a great job in the classroom but staff are understandably nervous about being watched from living rooms and the potentially difficult circumstances that could occur.

Expectations around home learning 

The letter below provides some further detail on our expectations around home learning.

Reopening in September - Information for Parents 

We know you will have lots of questions about the reopening of school in September.  This letter below aims to address these. 

Home Learning Timetable

Policies linked to Covid-19

Some of our policies have been adapted while we are operating in a different way.  Please follow the links below to see our new policies. 


Behaviour Policy - Version 2

Safeguarding Policy - Version 2


Letters Home

Below are the letters that have recently been sent home related to school opening and home learning. 

Latest DfE Guidance

Please click the link here to see the latest guidance for parents from the DfE. 

Medical Forms

In order to reduce contact with staff in school, medical forms are now to be completed online.  Follow the link to complete a form if you need us to administer medication to your child in school.  

Online Medication Form

3rd July 2020 - Shared on Class Dojo

SCHOOL UPDATE - Full Opening:
You will have probably seen the headlines about the reopening of school for all pupils from September. 
The DfE have released lots of guidance which we now need to apply to our school setting. We have a few things to decide upon before we will be able to give you final details about how school will operate from September, but we do fully expect to be open to every child from Thursday 3rd September.
The government have made it clear that school will be mandatory from September. I understand that you will have some anxieties around your child returning to school, but we will have lots of measures in place to keep them safe and will be sharing these with you soon. 
We will try to get more details out to parents before the end of term, but keep an eye on Class Dojo over the summer holiday as we will undoubtedly by putting further updates on there. 
In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please send me a message on Dojo or email me:

31st May 2020 - Shared on Class Dojo

Tomorrow home learning activities will resume in all classes. Please ask your child to login to Seesaw to see what staff have planned for them. 
For some children of key workers, school will open again this week. There are a number of changes to the way we will run from Monday. These changes are summarised below:
Children will be expected to wear uniform where possible but trainers for footwear. 
Children will need to bring their workbooks, a water bottle, a sunhat and their packed lunch if they aren’t having a school meal. 
Children shouldn’t bring anything else to school. 
Children don’t need a PE kit in school. 
Parents are asked NOT to come on to the playground in a morning. Ring the buzzer at the gate and your child will be asked to walk up the playground and ring the doorbell outside Class 2. 
Children will be seated 2m apart but we cannot keep children 2m apart all day. 
Children have been put in bubbles they will stay with the same children and adults. They will not always be with their usual teachers or in their normal classroom. 
Children who attend school between reception and Year 2 will be entitled to their universal free school meal.
Children can be dropped off at any time after 8:00am. Breakfast (toast or cereal) will be offered to children arriving before 8:45am. 
Children can be collected at any time up until 4:00pm. 
On collecting children, please ring the buzzer on the gate. You will be invited to wait on the NoMow area and your child will be brought to you there. 
We have written a new behaviour policy which we will share with pupils and parents on Monday. 
We will work outside when we can. Please apply sun cream to your child before they come to school. 
Please send all money in to school via the School Money App. 
Communicate with school via email, Seesaw, telephone and Class Dojo where possible. Face to face meetings must be booked in advance. 
Please note that this is not school as you knew it. Until we are in a position to welcome whole year groups back, we will use the time in school to support your child in the home learning they would have otherwise completed at home.
We know that you will be a little anxious about sending your child to school if you haven’t needed to over the last 10 weeks, but rest assured that we will work hard to make sure they are safe and happy!

I will keep you all updated as the situation about the wider opening of school develops.


24th May 2020 - Shared on Class Dojo

Please note that all plans are subject to change if we are given updated guidance from the Department for Education or Derbyshire County Council. This will be communicated with you via Class Dojo. 
Following on from the update on Friday about the wider opening of school, I would like to provide more information about what this will mean for our pupils and their families. 
For the MAJORITY OF CHILDREN, school will remain closed on 1st June. This means that, after half term, staff will continue to set home school activities through Seesaw as well as directing children to activities in their CGP books. There are a wide range of resources out there now to support home learning. Mr Horton will be making contact during half term to give more details about our home school offer from 1st June. Currently, we are not in a position to know when this situation will change. I do know however that we only have the capacity for 32 children in school while ever we are requirement to seat pupils 2 metres apart. Until this guidance changes, it is clear that we will be unable to offer the majority of children a place in school. 
If you have any concerns about the well-being of any child in our school community, please do not hesitate to contact school to seek support! Please also familiarise yourself with the Online Safety guidance we have issued on Class Dojo as we are aware that children are accessing a large amount of learning online at the moment. 
KEY WORKERS will continue to be able to send their children to school. Attached is a letter to explain what school will look like for these children from 1st June. If you are a KEY WORKER, please read the letter carefully and complete the short survey (link below). If you are eligible to send your child to school but haven’t done so yet, please complete the survey anyway. We have been asked to ensure that the wider opening of school does not result in limiting places for children of key workers. Therefore, it is crucial that we get an accurate picture of the demand for places now and in the future. 
I am sure you are aware that we are very keen to welcome all children back to school as soon as it is safe to do so and are aware of the challenges that the current arrangements will be causing for you and your family. 
We really appreciate your continued support and patience!



22nd May 2020 - Shared on Class Dojo

We have just received an update from Derbyshire County Council about the wider opening of schools from 1st June. 
As a Derbyshire County Council maintained school, we follow the guidance they set out. They have been working with the DfE to get clarification on some of the points raised in their guidance. Following the discussions, DCC have made the decision to recommend that all of its schools do not open on 1st June to children beyond those currently eligible to attend - key workers and vulnerable children. 
The DfE have also now clarified with DCC that children must be seated 2m apart. Having prepared classroom furniture in this way, I'm sure you can appreciate that this doesn't give us very much capacity in such a small school. In fact, our classrooms can only accommodate 6 children. 
We have now been given the clear instruction that these limited spaces have to be allocated to vulnerable children and those of key workers. Key worker children will still be able to attend school from 1st June, but they should make other arrangements where possible so that we have the capacity to support those families who need to use our service. It is not expected that they attend everyday. Staff will continue to support the children with the home learning activities that have been set by class teachers. 
If we have any spare capacity once we have met the needs of key workers, we will start to open up spaces to the priority year groups identified - Reception, Year 1 and Year 6. However, given the limited capacity we have in school, I wouldn't anticipate we would be able to do this while maintaining social distancing rules. 
While we find out a safe way to reopen school(under the guidance of Derbyshire County Council), we will continue to work hard to provide online home learning activities for your child. 
I will be sending a further Dojo later early next week to gain an understanding of the demand for key worker spaces. 
I am truly sorry that we won't be able to welcome more children to school on June 1st. However, I know that Derbyshire have made their decision based on what is best for keeping its staff and young people safe! Attached is a press release from Derbyshire County Council outlining the rationale for their decision. 
Many thanks for your continued support!
Mr Marsh