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Scarcliffe Primary School

Strive to Shine

Our class is year 2 and 3 pupils with Miss Bannister as Class Teacher and Mrs Ward as Teaching Assistant.

This class page is designed to give readers a brief overview of what we are covering in class.  We share more detailed information about what we get up to using the Class Dojo app.  Parents can request login details via their child's class teacher.  


Parents, for more information on Class 2 and their learning please log in to Class Dojo.

Autumn 2 2023

This term our topic is 'Improve Our World!' 

We will be learning about: 

  • Waste and how we can improve and help the environment. 
  • Litter and air pollution. 
  • Different sewing skills and creating an earth using these. 
  • Evaluating our learning both verbally and written. 
  • Gymnastics. 
  • Re-telling a story using adverbial phrases.

Autumn 1 2023

Welcome back. We hope you have all had a lovely six week holiday. 

Our topic this new school year is ' Who makes the rules?' 

We will be learning about: 

  • Queen Elizabeth I. 
  • Queen Victoria.
  • Comparing both the queens and looking at their similarities and differences. 
  • Creating characters on Scratch Jr and developing conversations. 
  • Creating art work in the style of George Seurat. 

Summer 2 2023:

This term our topic is 'Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds.'

We will be looking at : 

  • understanding mental health and ways to feel good about ourselves
  • how exercise can help with our mental health
  • recounts and creating one based on our Lea Green trip
  • different bread designs
  • skills needed to make bread

We also have our exciting Lea Green trip this term too! 

Summer 1 2023:

This term our topic is 'Our United Kingdom.'

We will be looking at: 

  • The capital cities of the four countries. 
  • What a capital city is. 
  • Some of the physical features in the four countries. 
  • Which mountain is the tallest in each of the four countries. 
  • Writing a poem relating to the UK. 
  • Typing skills and using Microsoft Word to save and open work. 

Spring 2 2023:

This term our topic is ' Explorers: Christopher Columbus.'

We will be looking at:

  • Who Christopher Columbus is and what he did.
  • Create a fact-file about him using the correct terminology.
  • Comparing old and new ships. 
  • The different routes Christopher Columbus took and why he did this. 
  • Understanding tones and tints and using these skills to create a painting background relating to Christopher Columbus.

We will also be looking at staying safe on the internet and discussing why this is important. 

Spring 1 2023:

This term our topic is 'Time Travel: The Great Fire of London'. 

We will be looking at: 

  • Sequencing the events of the GFOL.
  • Know why the GFOL is special to British history.
  • Know where London is. 
  • Find out about Samuel Pepys and why he is important to history. 
  • Write our own diary.
  • Design and create a house using different DT skills. 

Autumn 2 2022:

This term our topic is ' Once upon a time - Fairy Tales.'

We will be looking at:

  • Ordering fairy tales.
  • Re-tell some well-known fairy tales.
  • Plan and write a story with an alternate ending. 
  • Mix colours on the colour wheel. 
  • Experiment with printing.
  • Listen to music and clap in time with the beats. 


Autumn 1 2022: 

This term our topic is ' Know your place- Bolsover'. We will be looking at:

  • The continents and oceans of the world.
  • Map and their symbols. 
  • Using maps and compass points.
  • Naming the capital cities of the four countries. 
  • Identifying Bolsover on a map and looking at the human and physical features. 
  • Creating a fact-file using our information.
  • Experimenting with lines to create different effects.
  • Beginning to use Microsoft Word. 

Below is a knowledge organiser which outlines the information we expect you to learn and remember at the end of the topic.

Summer 2 2022

This term, our topic is 'Amazing Africa!'

We will be learning: 

African folk tales and writing our own. 

Where Africa is in the world and what the equator is. 

Creating art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. 

Measurement including length and height. 

How and why different religions pray. 

Summer 1 2022:

This term, our topic is 'Beside the Seaside'.

We will be learning: 

  • to create a leaflet to inform tourists at Cleethorpes
  • about how how seasides have been spoilt and made better over time
  • how to create quizzes using PurpleMash
  • what different people believe about God
  • Statistics 

Spring 2

This term, our topic is Heroes and Villains: Mary Seacole.

We will be learning:

  • All about Mary Seacole and recapping Florence Nightingale. 
  • Creating a non-chronological report on Mary Seacole using Purple Mash.
  • Writing a diary as though we are Mary Seacole. 
  • How to perform a dance in PE.
  • Everyday materials and their uses in Science. 

Spring 1 2022

This term, our topic is 'Living in the Past.'

We will be looking at: 

  • Life then and now. 
  • Creating questionnaires and researching life in the past. 
  • Creating our own house through construction work. 
  • Evaluating our work and creating an exhibition. 
  • Writing a persuasive letter for others to buy our house. 
  • Editing and improving our learning.

Our Topics this year 2021-2022 are:

  • Autumn 1 - Who makes the Rules?
  • Autumn 2-  Improve our World.
  • Spring 1- Life in the Past
  • Spring 2 - Heroes and Villains: Mary Seacole
  • Summer 1 - Seaside
  • Summer 2- Amazing Africa

Our topics this year 2020-2021 are:

  • Autumn 1 - 'Know Your Place: Bolsover'
  • Autumn 2 - 'Once Upon a Time: Fairy tales'
  • Spring 1 - 'Time Travel: The Great Fire of London'
  • Spring 2 - Explorers -Christopher Columbus'
  • Summer 1 - 'The UK'
  • Summer 2 - 'Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds'


 Don't forget to keep reading and challenging yourselves with your phonics and spelling rules.

Here is a fun website we use to help us: 

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You could also have fun on: 

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Enjoy working on your times tables with TTRockstars.