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Scarcliffe Primary School

Strive to Shine

Our Class 3 teachers are Mrs Brocklesby and Mr Marsh with Mrs Ford as our teaching assistant. Our class and school motto is to "Strive to Shine".

This class page is designed to give readers a brief overview of what we are covering in class.  We share more detailed information about what we get up to using the Class Dojo app.  Parents can request login details via their child's class teacher.  

Autumn 1 2020

This term we are completing a whole school topic called - Know your Place.  This will involve each class studying an area or aspect of the area around school.  We will build on the work from Class 1 and 2 (about Scarcliffe and Bolsover) and will broaden our focus to Chesterfield.  I am sure you have all been shopping and had meals in Chesterfield, but I am sure we can teach you a few things you didn't already know. 

In this topic, we will be learning:

  • Where Chesterfield is in the World and is proximity to other known areas. 
  • Ordnance Survey symbols and how we can use these to locate places in Chesterfield. 
  • Some of the key physical and human features of Chesterfield. 
  • The history of Chesterfield Canal.
  • The life of George Stevenson and his impact on Chesterfield. 
  • How we can improve our local areas - including an art unit.  

Below is a knowledge organiser about this topic.  It shows the important information we expect you to learn and remember about the topic.

Autumn 1 - 2019

Our topic for this term is Kings and Queens since 1066.

We will be learning all sorts about how the British monarchy has evolved:

  • A timeline of kings and queens from 1066 to present day.
  • Visiting Hardwick Hall (12.9.19)
  • Who are our current Royal family?
  • Where do they live?
  • Do kings and queens have other jobs?
  • Studying the Bayeux tapestry.
  • Read 'Longbow' by William Grant
  • Sketching skills and portrait painting.

In English we will be writing diaries, letters, stories and invitations.

In Maths we will be refreshing our knowledge of place value before moving onto addition and subtraction using our place value knowledge.


Autumn 2 - 2019

Our topic for autumn 2 is rivers and coastlines. We had a great time visiting The Whistlestop River Centre in Matlock just before the half term holiday, which has given us lots of information about the river being a habitat for many different creatures.

We will be learning about how rivers start as tiny areas of water and become larger and larger as they go on their journeys to the sea.  We will look at how the sea and rivers are used as a method of transportation for lots of the things we use everyday.  Part of our study will be about coastal erosion and how that is affecting miles of the British coastline.

In Math's, we are consolidating our knowledge of column addition and subtraction.  We are using our knowledge of place value to make sure we can calculate  our number sentences properly.

In English, we are learning how to make a story into a play script, starting with a well known story then moving on to a story we have created ourselves.

Please see the top of this page for the autumn 2 topic homework.


Spring 1 - 2020 - Ancient Egypt


Image result for ancient egypt

Our topic for this half term Ancient Egypt.  We are going to find out what we can learn from the Ancient Egyptians. What amazing things did they leave behind?  Who would have thought that with today's modern technology we would be using a whole new set of hieroglyphs! We will discover how the Egyptians spent hours ensuring their beloved relatives were ready for the afterlife using a process called Mummification. We will discover how the wealthiest people had huge tombs built for themselves to ensure their place with the Gods.

In Math's we will be studying fractions and how to use them in our everyday lives. We will look at fractions of a a whole one and then move onto fractions of a larger quantity.

In English we will have a strong focus on instructional writing and  the specific language structure that uses.



Spring  2 - 2019 - Africa!

Our topic this half term will be Africa

Such a box of delights :  Africa is a place full of animals, art, culture, food and music that you will never find anywhere else.

Image result for traditional african family


Greatest Invention!

Useful Websites: - For practising your number bonds and times tables. - For your learning of phonics and spelling. - For your homework and other learning opportunities. - For your times tables! - Sign in to complete homework and play against people around the world!

Lego Wedo:

In class, we did some work with Lego Wedo - programmable Lego.  We built a range of robots and were then given the task of writing a 100 word toy review.  We weren't allowed to go over 100 words but had to explain the strengths and weaknesses of the product.  

The winning review is published below:

Strengths: You can build loads of different robots - meaning you can get creative!  It comes with an app which guides you through the build.  It is so fun to play with because you have to link it to a computer and the Lego moves!  100% of people found it fun.  

Weaknesses: It is fun to play with but it is still really expensive.  You have to be careful with the pieces as there are small ones.  

Summary: This is a brilliant toy aimed at 9 year olds.  At £120 it is good value for money.  This is a 5 star!