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Scarcliffe Primary School

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Our Curriculum Intent


Our curriculum is designed to support the children in developing a lifelong love of learning and will help them to become the best possible individuals they can be

As a primary school, reading, writing and mathematics are at the heart of what we deliver.  These skills will help the children to achieve anything they wish in life.  We teach phonics everyday and use the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised. This is a complete systematic synthetic phonics programme (SSP) The Collins Big Cat reading books are matched to Little Wandle and the children's phonics phase to ensure young children can access texts independently. We also see PSHE as a key element of our curriculum as this helps children to be kind, tolerant and well-rounded citizens.  

Our curriculum will support the development of the following core abilities:

  • Questioning and curiosity
  • Critical thinking and open-mindedness
  • Perseverance and resilience
  • Communication
  • Independence
  • Team work
  • Creativity

These core abilities are developed progressively and systematically throughout a child’s time at our school - click here to see how we have mapped out the progression of these core abilities.  In addition to these core abilities, we will ensure that our curriculum is progressive so that children achieve our subject specific curriculum intents by the time they leave.


Why is PSHE at the heart of our curriculum?


  • PSHE education helps children and young people to achieve their potential by supporting their well-being and tackling issues that can affect their ability to learn, such as anxiety and unhealthy relationships.
  • All stakeholders agree that primary school is about teaching children to be kind, caring and thoughtful to others. PSHE helps children to be the best versions of themselves possible.
  • A growing amount of research shows that children who are emotionally healthy do better at school.
  • It can teach resilience and self-esteem which are crucial life skills in our modern world.


Our Curriculum Intent

Below is a diagram showing our curriculum intent.  It shows that reading, writing and maths are underpinned by our core abilities.  The core abilities are delivered through subjects across the curriculum.  Click here to see which core abilities are developed through each subject area.

STEM - Science, technology, engineering and maths.

Subject Specific Information

For every area of the curriculum, we have drawn up our own curriculum intent.  These explain what we want the children to achieve at the end of their time at our school.  The documents include what is expected to be covered in each class so we can plan to help the children achieve the intents in a progressive and structured way.  For every subject area, we have also put together some information about how we teach it at Scarcliffe and how we monitor standards.   

Please click on each subject to visit the related page on our website.


Reading Writing Maths  


(Fundamental Skills,

Dance and Gym)

Music Forest Schools  MFL PSHE




Religious Education

Relationships Education


  Design and Technology History Science  

Our PSHE (including RSE) lessons are planned using PSHE Matters.  The document provides us with a progressive, spiral curriculum covering 12 themes which the children visit three times during their time at our school.  Click here to see the overview of PSHE topic titles. 

Phonics is taught everyday in Reception and Key Stage 1.  We follow the Letters and Sounds programme throughout this time.  We use the Collins Big Cat Reading scheme to support the teaching of reading as it aligns very closely to our progression through letters and sounds. 


Topic Titles

We have looked through the curriculum intents and designed a curriculum to allow us to deliver the knowledge and skills we want the children to know.  We are developing knowledge organisers for each topic and links will be made from each title to show you exactly what we want the children to learn in each one.  

CYCLE A – Years starting in even numbers


Aut 1

Aut 2

Spr 1

Spr 2

Sum 1

Sum 2

Whole school title

Know your place

Once upon a time

Time Travel



Healthy bodies, healthy minds 

Class 1


Traditional Tales




Healthy Bodies; Healthy Minds

Class 2


Fairy Tales

Great Fire of London

Christopher Columbus

Our United Kingdom

Healthy Bodies; Healthy Minds

Class 3


Stone Age to Iron Age

Traders and Raiders – Romans

Traders and raiders – Volcanoes (Pompeii)

Quiet Village vs Mega City

Healthy Bodies; Healthy Minds

Class 4




Traders and Raiders – After the Romans to 1066

Traders and Raiders – Rivers

Road Trip USA

Healthy Bodies; Healthy Minds


CYCLE B – Years starting in odd numbers


Aut 1

Aut 2

Spr 1

Spr 2

Sum 1

Sum 2

Whole school title

Who makes the rules?

Responsibility - Improve Our World

Living in the past - including DT - Grand Designs

Heroes and villains


Amazing Africa

Class 1

People who help us

Improve our Local Area

We're going on a bear hunt

My history moving to toys and holidays


Staying Safe - Strangers and Road Safety

Amazing Africa

Class 2

Monarchy QE1 and Victoria

Guy Fawkes (2 weeks)

Littering and Wasting Water and Energy

What if everybody did that?

Families in the past

Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale


Amazing Africa

Class 3


Plastic in our Oceans


Ancient Civilisations - Egypt

Latin America

Latin America - including The Mayans

Amazing Africa

Class 4

Crime and punishment

Global Warming and the Polar Ice Caps

Shackleton's Journey

Ancient Civilisations - Greeks

World War 2

World War 2


Amazing Africa


Want to know more about our curriculum?

If you want to find out a little more about our curriculum, you can either contact your child's class teacher or email the head teacher ( and we will be happy to help.