Fox Hill, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S44 6TH

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Scarcliffe Primary School

Strive to Shine

Our School

Scarcliffe Primary is a Victorian stone building consisting of four teaching areas. There is also an office, a staffroom/resource room and an on-site cooking kitchen for school meals. In 2012 the school a School Hall was added to the building which has been a fantastic addition giving the benefit of an indoor area for PE as well as doubling up as a dining area at lunchtimes.

Outdoor education and activities are important to a child’s learning and development. We are fortunate to have a variety of areas within the school grounds including a large field, adjacent garden and astro-turf area in addition to our playground. Scarcliffe itself also offers opportunities for the children including local walks and woodland area.

Scarcliffe Primary School provides education for children aged from 4 (Reception age) – 11 years. At present there are 86 children on roll.

Our ethos promotes a friendly environment and politeness to each other and to anyone who might visit our school. This is embedded in our school values which are centred around ‘CARE’

C      We are courteous and use good manners both in school and the wider community.

A     Always be safe and work hard to achieve well.

R      look after the school and everyone in it by taking responsibility.

E      Enjoy school and allow others to do so by treating everyone equally.

Scarcliffe Primary, where we work hard to make our dreams come true!