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Scarcliffe Primary School

Strive to Shine

My Typical Morning at Scarcliffe Primary – by Stanley (Year 2)


At 8:37, I set off from home and jump into my grey, shiny car to drive to school. When I arrive at school, I walk happily into Class 2 and place my water bottle in the tray, my diary in the diary box and my book bag in the book bag boxes. Soon, I get a whiteboard with a pen and sit on the bright, green carpet to do my relaxing morning work. Every day I try my best to do my morning work because I want my brain to slowly grow. 5 minutes later, Miss Bannister shows us the answers and we check our work.

Once we have checked our work, it’s time for English! I like English a lot just because we learn fun punctuation like brackets or dashes! Before Miss Bannister sets us off to our tables, she tells us what to do. For example, we were learning about commas, Miss Bannister would keep us on the carpet until we understand our learning. When Miss Bannister has finished teaching, we all try our best so we get a growth mind set, (that’s why Class 2’s the best)! After about 20 minutes, Miss Bannister shouts “3,2,1,0”, then we get ready for guided reading. During guided reading, we do pre and post tasks about the book we are reading – at the moment the book is ‘China.’ We would usually do guided reading for about 15 minutes!



Soon after English, we go onto the yard and we all play different games like tag, football, chase and loads of other games. Sometimes, children stay in to improve their work and continue their learning. When the whistle blows, we quickly but quietly make our way back to our classrooms.

1 minute later, Miss Bannister tells us what we are doing in Maths. Imagine we were doing a pre-task for multiplication, Miss Bannister would not tell us about it and send us off to our tables to see what we already know! She does it to see how well we can do. (Sometimes at this time it would be art.) Half way through some lessons, Mr Rutter would takes us to the staffroom (well some of us) to do guitar lessons. Our song at the moment is ‘The Greatest Showman’. For 2 minutes it’s practise time, during that we practise independently.  After that we play to the rest of the group. 

After all that we have a spelling session before we enjoy a delicious lunch and enjoy more time outside with our friends. 

What a busy morning we have at Scarcliffe Primary!