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Anti-bullying Ambassadors

Recently, some of our wonderful students trained to become Anti-bullying Ambassadors.  They had a full morning of online training from organised by the Diana Award.  This gave us all time to consider:

  • What bullying is.
  • The different types of bullying. 
  • How bullying makes people feel. 
  • How to respond to bullying
  • How to be an upstander compared to a bystander. 

Since then, the anti-bullying ambassadors have completed a number of activities and now the role forms part of our school council.  

Child-friendly Anti-bullying Policy

The Ambassadors worked with children in Class 3 to draft a new child-friendly anti-bullying policy. 

Following their excellent work, two ambassadors worked with Mr Marsh to pull it all together. 

Below is the finished policy. 

Anti-Bullying Assembly

The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors led an assembly in front of the whole school to make sure everyone was clear about what bullying is.  We looked at scenarios, the different types of bullying and the difference between upstanders and bystanders.  

The children all listened really well and answered lots of questions.  Below is a picture of us leading the assembly.  

Reporting Incidents of Bullying

If you ever feel you are being bullied, it is SO IMPORTANT that you report it.  You could tell a trusted adult at home or at school.  You might want to use Bubble Time to report your worries.  You could also talk to the Anti-bullying Ambassadors by putting you name in the worry box.  If you tell them they will thank you for sharing the concern, ask you what has been happening and will ask you what you want to do next - including helping you to tell an adult.  

Whatever you do - don't keep it to yourself!


Great Weblinks

If you want some help, or want to know more about bullying, here are some great websites:



Anti-Bullying Survey

Results coming soon!