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iVengers Assemble! 

This year, we are taking part in an exciting project in which two of our pupils have become iVengers.  Throughout the year they will be carrying out a number of exciting tasks and secret missions to help children, parents, staff and governors to gain a better understanding about how to stay safe online. 

This is a very exciting role and we will be updating this website to share our progress.  Be sure to keep checking this page to find out what we have been up to. 

Meet the iVengers:

I'm Harry and I'm in Year 5.  I am excited to be the first ever iVenger because I will be able to help the school community to be super safe online!

I'm Spencer and I'm in Year 5 too.  Being an iVenger will be a pleasure because I get to do lots of work to help my school!  I am looking forward to completing the tasks.


We are aware that children are spending lots of time online during this lockdown so we have put together a short video sharing some of our top tips.  See the video below. 

LOCKDOWN - Online Safety Poster Competition 

To get children thinking about staying safe online, we are holding a poster competition to promote online safety.  

Here are some of our entries - aren't they amazing!

Mission 1 - Assembly

Our very first mission was to produce an assembly to introduce ourselves, our roles and our next task to the rest of the school.  The assembly went well and now everyone knows what our role is all about.  

Because of the rules about Corona virus, we had to do the assembly on Zoom, but the children could still see our PowerPoint and it went really well.  

The PowerPoint we shared is below:

Mission 2 - Top Tips at Christmas

We completed this mission just before Christmas.  We are aware that lots of children in school will be lucky enough to get some fantastic tech for Christmas.  While this is fantastic news, we also know that new tech potentially poses new risks.  This inspired our second task.

Our second mission was to ask children in every class to come up with their three top tips for staying safe online.  Teachers helped the class to select their top 3 and then we put the list together.  Our 12 top tips have been shared on Class Dojo but are below as well.