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Scarcliffe Primary School

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Mental Health and Wellbeing

We are aware that pupils at our school - like all children - experience a wide range of feelings and emotions.  We work hard to help children deal with these emotions to ensure that they have positive mental health.  

There is a great website where adults and children can access support for their mental health and emotional well-being.  Click here to visit the page.  The Youth Well-being Directory is another amazing tool to find support in the local area.  Click here to explore this fantastic resource. 

There is also a great website called The Hub of Hope.  It's a database of mental health support that brings all kinds of mental health services together; local, charities, NHS as well as private services.  Click here to visit the Hub of Hope.

Below is a child-friendly Mental Health and Emotional Well-being Policy.  The policy includes lots of information, as well as hints and tips!